Why do people install water filters?

Public water in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is considered to be some of the best in the world. It is low in mineral content and considered to be safe to drink. However, one size doesn’t always fit all and some people are more sensitive to the contents of their water than others. If you’ve never thought you needed a water filter, here are some surprising uses that home and business that you may not have considered!

Chlorine Sensitivity

Chlorine is added to all tap water in the Lower Mainland to kill pathogens in the water. While it is a proven and safe method of ensuring safety in drinking water at low concentrations, there are people who may be more sensitive to the chlorine in our drinking water. People with asthma may feel a burning or tingling in their lungs when exposed to chlorine vapours from water. This shouldn’t be surprising since chlorine vapours are extremely dangerous at high concentrations. Those with sensitive skin conditions, like eczema, can form a rash if exposed to chlorine in their water. Some households employ water filtration at their water line to filter all the water coming in to their homes. This ensures all their water, from tap to bath, is free from irritants.

Pathogen Removal           

Water filters can remove particles as small as 25 microns. This size includes most bacteria.

Commercial Appliances and Scaling

‘Scaling’ is a caused when water-borne minerals build up on surfaces, often in mechanical parts. Some mechanical devices that use water in the commercial space tend to use it at high heats. Devices that evaporate a lot of water like dishwashers, coffee makers, or water heaters can build up ‘scale’ at a very fast pace. This increases appliance maintenance costs and reduces the lifespan of your equipment. Removing the offending particles before they enter the machine can increase the longevity of your investment and save money in the long run.

Perfect Coffee

For some, the perfect cup of coffee is almost a religious experience. Some people elevate their daily coffee ritual by using the best equipment, beans, and of course water. Removing the unwanted taste of chlorine and minerals from their coffee allows them to enjoy their grind on a whole new level. Installing water filters under a kitchen sink can provide a steady stream of high quality water on demand. It’s not only convenient for great coffee but also great cooking!

Water filtration has become easier and more accessible to use than ever in recent times. We at Milani This gives rise to some really creative uses of the technology. If you think you might want to have a filter installed, make sure you take the proper precautions and install shutoff valves up and downstream to facilitate easy maintenance. And if in doubt, call a professional!


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