Understanding the Importance of Furnace Maintenance

It’s summertime! We are currently thinking about enjoying the sun and being outside as much as possible. However, now is the best time to get your furnace prepared for winter so your home is nice and cozy when the cold season knocks on your door.

You should never take your HVAC System for granted and that’s why it’s so important to properly maintain your furnace. By doing that, we can assure you the chances of needing an emergency repair on your heating ventilation and air conditioning system are significantly lower and it would also reduce your energy costs. Check out the top three main reasons to properly maintain your heating system:


Just like any other equipment, your furnace will eventually get dusty and timeworn, and without keeping regularly maintenance the heating efficiency will be reduced. Even if you have an energy star system, your energy savings and energy efficiency can still be improved by routine maintenance.

When you delay your gas furnace maintenance, the HVAC equipment has to work harder to maintain the room temperature, resulting in an increase in bills.  When our technicians visit a home or a commercial site, they will clean your furnace internally, check the pilot light, clean or replace the furnace filter, replace any necessary parts, and make sure the system is working properly. 


Nothing is more important than keeping your home and family safe. Furnaces need to be serviced once a year to be sure they are functioning as expected, and that there are no major systems issues.

A few things can compromise the safety of your heating system:

  1. Dirt and trash accumulation over time inside the furnace.
  2. Cracked heat exchanger resulting in carbon monoxide leaks.
  3. Worn out wires could be a potential fire hazard.
  4. Poorly regulated venting system could result in the enhance of carbon monoxide in your home.

Taking good care of your furnace and heating systems will help diagnose eventual problems and fix them. Be sure to have your furnace serviced before turning it back on for the winter.


Your home comfort is important, and frequent maintenance will help you increase the lifetime of your furnace. The average life expectancy of furnaces in homes today is between 16 and 20 years and can improve with routine maintenance.

Shopping for a replacement furnace in an emergency can cause unnecessary stress, so be sure to schedule an expert to visit your home with plenty of time.

Give us a call (604) 888 888 or schedule an appointment to create a maintenance plan with Milani Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning. We have the best team of highly-skilled technicians to help you keep your home or commercial site as efficient and safe as it can be!

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