Should I Rent or Buy Equipment?

We are going to take a break from HVAC and plumbing today to talk about another important part of home improvement: the equipment that you use. From a DIY Vancouver homeowner to a large construction firm, everyone has to make the same decision: to rent or buy their equipment.

Buying Equipment

There are a few benefits to buying equipment to use in your residential or commercial construction project. Equipment you own is always on hand, you never have to worry about scheduling a time to use it. You also can gain a lot of experience using your own equipment so you will be able to finish your job more quickly.

Renting Equipment

There are many benefits to renting equipment, whether it is for something small like garden tools to something large like an excavator. First of all, you will only need to pay for it when you need it, with no huge upfront cost. You will also be able to get new equipment and never have to worry about having to pay for maintenance, repair or even replacement. Renting equipment also means that you will have a better selection of tools to choose from. For instance, if you were remodeling your house, you might need an electric floor stripper, a carpet stretcher, and a tile saw. Buying all that equipment would cost you a bundle! However, renting the equipment means you can use it when you need it, without having to buy it and worry about the fact that you will never use it again.

Whatever the job, you need the tools to do it right. Be sure to weigh all of your options before choosing to rent or buy your equipment.

This information is from Metrotown Tool Rental, a Vancouver area tool and equipment rental company that can help you get the right equipment for whatever project you are working on.

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