Reduce Garden Flood Risk: 5 Quick and Inexpensive Ways to Get Started

If you check your home drainage system, you may find a number of items that could use some repair. Below you will find a few DIY tips that will make a difference in reducing your flood risk:

  1. Seal any leaks. You will need a ladder, silicone, and time. You will need to seal holes or cracks in your eavestroughs, downspouts, downspout extensions, sidewalks, patio and driveway.

  2. Repair or replace downspout extensions. Put down the extension that’s already there or replace the splash pad. These are easy and inexpensive things that you can do to get water away from foundation walls. It’s important to not direct the downspout extensions towards a neighbouring property unless it is over 10ft away.

  3. Clean your eavestroughs and downspouts. This is important or you will be preventing water from getting down the downspout. Necessary tools: gloves/spade, ladder and hose.

  4. Backfill under steps and decks. This is often the weak spot in lot grading. To fill the depression all you need is dirt and some shovel work. By doing that you will get the ground sloping downhill away from the house again.

  5. Top up sunken areas around the foundation. The ground around your basement usually sinks as time goes by. If you raise the yard level up a little bit with some dirt and shovel work, you will re-establish a positive slope (grade) again at little or no cost.

Needing additional help?

Some of the prevention tips above are easy to do and inexpensive. But some projects are a little more complicated and demand the expertise of a contractor, contact us! 

For some additional help, here are some tips on what to consider when hiring a professional:

  • Choose a qualified professional who is licensed to practice in BC.
  • Ask for recommendations from family and friends.
  • Ask for a detailed breakdown of associated costs.
  • Obtain multiple quotes from different companies.
  • Ask if you can set a payment schedule based on project benchmarks.
  • Put your agreement in writing.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau to obtain a reliability report.
  • Ask for (and be sure to check) the company references and reviews.

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