MILANI BOILERS – The most common central heating problems

When was the last time you gave your central heating system proper maintenance? If your answer is two, three, four years ago or “I don’t remember”, you will probably run into problems with your boiler sooner rather than later. The boiler accounts for 60% of the cost on your yearly energy bill and yet we pay no attention to it. We simply expect it to work when we need it.

If you don’t service your boiler annually, these are the most common problems that can disturb your winter:

1. No heat or too much heat in one area of the house. The second floor has no heat, or just the living room is freezing. Usually this problem is because the zone valve is not working properly.

2. No heat in the whole house. In this case your technician would be looking to fix or replace your thermocouple or gas valve.

3. Low or High Pressure in the boiler.

4. Leaks. Can be very small at the beginning but usually will become a bigger problem.

No matter what the problem, don’t panic; call a certified heating technician right away. If you have a gas leak, call Fortis BC immediately.

In the video below, Milani explains in more detail the reasons for these common problems.

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