Heating Replacement Checklist

How do you decide if it is time to replace your old furnace or upgrade your heating system? In our line of work, we’ve come across many homeowners faced with this dilemma. We recommend that homeowners use the following checklist to decide if the benefit of buying a new heater is worth the purchasing cost.

Are your heating bills high?

We all know that the price of gas or electricity, depending on your system, is high. However, what many homeowners don’t know is that their furnace starts becoming less efficient after 15 to 20 years in operation. This means that the furnace requires more power to operate, thereby forcing you to pay more for your heating bills. If it’s possible, we recommend comparing your heating bills from the same month over a span of three to five years. If you see a steady increase, then it’s likely your furnace is affecting your heating bills. Consider upgrading to an energy efficient model.

Have you repaired the furnace recently?

Every homeowner knows that repair costs are expensive. Ask yourself how many times the repairman has been out to check your furnace during the past two years. Excessive repairs are a sign that a furnace is reaching its end, leaving the household without heat. Not only is a complete break down uncomfortable, it’s also downright dangerous in the winter. It’s better to prepare a budget plan that allows for purchasing a new heater than face the high costs of emergency heating repair.

Is the heat level the same all over your house?

One of the signs of a malfunctioning furnace is that it stops heating rooms as effectively as it once did. For example, if you notice that there is a severe temperature difference between two bedrooms, then this is likely due to your furnace not being able to heat them evenly. Upgrading your heating system can fix this problem.

Do you think your furnace is safe?

There’s more to worry about with an old furnace than just excessive repair costs. A furnace’s age determines how likely it is to potentially start a fire or even begin to leak carbon monoxide. These are serious threats that can affect the safety of your entire family. Furnaces that are older than 20 years present the greatest safety hazards. They need to be replaced by safer, more energy efficient models.

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