Cutting Down on Your Heating Costs

Heating season is upon us and with that comes heating bills. Depending on the size and age of your home, these bills can grow very quickly. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you cut down on your heating costs this winter. Preparing before the first cold spells comes around is the best way to ensure that your bills remain low.

Zone Valves

Zone valves help you to control which areas or zones of your home are heated. If your family spends most of their time in the kitchen or the den, you don’t need to be heating the unoccupied rooms. A zone valve can be installed in your home, and give you the power to decide when and where your heat will be distributed. Along with keeping unoccupied spaces closed off, this will help keep your rooms warm and toasty while also cutting down on your use of energy.

Switching Off

Turning your heat off (or at least, down) when you leave your home for the day can seriously cut down on the size of your heating bill. It doesn’t make sense to keep your whole home at the same level of warmth as you would when you are home, while you are at work or running errands. In climates like ours, homes are lucky in that it never gets really cold here, so turning your heat off of down for the day will not impact anything negatively. Then, when you get home you can turn your heat back on and be toasty in no time.

For those of you who love the newest gadgets, there are some smart thermostats out there which allow you to turn the heat on and off remotely using a mobile app. That means that you can have the heat turned off while you are away, and remotely access it on your way home to ensure that your home is the optimal temperature when you arrive!

Furnace Tune-up

Getting your furnace tuned up helps make sure it is working at 100%. A clean and well running furnace is an energy efficient furnace.

Window Coverings

Man insulating windows with filmThe windows in your home can let out a surprising amount of heat making it harder for your furnace/boiler to properly heat your home. There are several different options for making your windows more energy efficient including blinds, shutters, and window seals/films.

It is also helpful to install weather stripping on your outside doors.

Heat Yourself

Put on a warm sweater and some comfy socks – if you are still cold afterwards, then turn up the heat. Adding the layers helps insulate your own body and keep the heat closer to you. Having your thermostat at 20 degrees will help cut down on the price of your bill and is also still a comfortable level for you and your family.

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