Choosing a House Cleaning Service – The Inside Edition

A beautifully clean home.

Guest post by Scrubbi

Spring is synonymous with cleaning, decluttering and organizing. No surprise that it’s also one of the busiest seasons for house cleaning companies.

But when it comes to house cleaning services, not all companies are created equal.

We bring you six key factors that will help you make an informed decision and choose a housecleaning company that’s right for you.

Define Your Needs

Do you need a one-time clean before hosting a party? Or maybe before you move out your home?

Do you need regular cleaning services that will free up your schedule?

Different companies offer different services. That’s why it’s important to define what you want and look for a company that can customize your cleaning based on your needs.

Another factor to consider is frequency. Define how often you want the service. Companies offer monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly services and also one-time appointments. Remember that the more services you book, the better price you will get.

Ask Your Friends For Recommendations

You will be surprised at how many of your friends and co-workers use a housecleaning service. Ask for recommendations. If you choose a company that a friend has recommended, make sure you inquire about their referral programs. You and your friend might be rewarded!

Read The Reviews

Look up companies on Google and business review sites and check what customers are saying. Check the positive reviews as well as the negative reviews to get a more comprehensive idea of the quality of the service a company provides.

Flat Rates Are Better

When getting a quote, be cautious if they give it to you in “man-hours.” Some companies do it to make their estimates more attractive. What they do not specify is the number of cleaners they will send. And that could double or even triple your price! Avoid surprise charges by choosing a company that gives you a flat rate.

Guarantee Or No Guarantee?

A company that offers a guarantee has confidence in the quality of the services they provide. Save yourself some headache and choose a company that backs their services with a guarantee.

What Matters To You

Finding a company that’s right for you is not easy, but it is possible! Some companies provide outstanding customer support, eco-friendly cleaning, and verified cleaning professionals; all factors that will contribute to delivering a better cleaning experience.

Understand your needs and choose a company that caters to those needs. When you take into consideration what’s important to you, you are one step closer to choosing a company that will fulfill your expectations.

Scrubbi is a home service provider that offers house cleaning services nationwide. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the company has experienced rapid growth since it started operations in 2013. With hundreds of cleaning professionals across Canada, Scrubbi has cleaned the homes of thousands of Canadians and proudly maintains a 4.8-star rating overall.

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