Maintaining your home’s indoor air quality contributes to both comfortable living and your family’s health. Dust, dust mites, mold spores, pet hair and dander, bacteria and viruses can all cause adverse health effects. Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating offers a number of services to help maintain and improve your indoor air quality. Below you’ll find a handful of IAQ tips and recommendations from the experts at Milani:

Air Duct Cleaning

We always recommend that you maintain and clean existing air ducts before you spend any of your hard earned money on other solutions. If the air ducts aren’t properly cleaned your filters are likely working too hard. Over time, this may even cause damage to your home’s entire comfort system. Proper cleaning involves the following steps:


First we vacuum the air ducts and use a roto brush to clean the inside and remove all dirt, debris, and particulate matter.


We sanitize a duct system by spraying a bio friendly cleaner inside the air duct to effectively kill all bacteria and viruses.

Proper Duct Design

Many air duct systems don’t function with maximum efficiency because they are simply not properly designed or installed. Systems are often installed with speed and profits in mind rather than comfort or customer happiness. At Milani, we install duct systems right the first time and can fix air duct problems caused by incorrect installation and design by other contractors. It’s critical to have proper air flow into each room to heat, cool, control moisture and control temperature evenly.


If you notice a band around the outside edges of your carpet, you’re experiencing ghosting. This heavy, difficult to remove band is the result of air being sucked from the outside of your home to the inside of your home to feed the indoor unit. This is caused by the need for balance of air, meaning the air supplied to each room must be equal to the air being sucked into the indoor unit. When the indoor unit is hungry and starved for air, it creates suction in your home, known as negative pressure. You might notice things like doors closing by themselves when your furnace or indoor unit turns on. Ghosting is the result of dirt, debris and chemicals accumulating on your carpet. Milani can remedy this situation by repairing your duct system in a way that promotes optimal air flow.

UV Light Air Treatment

For many years hospitals have treated their air with ultraviolet light to kill any growing organisms like viruses and bacteria. At Milani, we cleanse and sanitize your home’s air with UV light leaving it safer to breathe and you more comfortable. We offer many options from basic UV A and C germicidal lamps, to a more sophisticated UV C light with ozone combination. Below you’ll find descriptions of some of these options:

Germicidal UVC Lights

UVC is ultra violet band C light. Invisible to the eye but deadly to viruses and bugs we don’t want flying around in our home’s air. UVC lamps are great products designed to be cost effective. We have several UVC light cleaning options to meet your budget and home comfort needs.

Ozone Bulbs

Ozone or O3 bulbs produce ozone – the same stuff found in our earth’s atmosphere. The 03 consists of three oxygen atoms that can do battle with free radicals and other chemicals in your home. Free radicals are floaters seeking a partner to bind to, so they attack you by attaching to your living cells. With an 03 bulb, the ozone molecule binds with the nasty free radicals before they get to you.

Humidity Control

Depending on the situation, water in the air can be a good thing or a bad thing. Not enough water in the air and your home feels as dry desert, which may cause headaches, dry nose and throat, and even cracks or splits in furniture. Too much water in the air, and presto, you might feel like you’re in the rainforest. Over 50% moisture in your home will allow for mold growth which can be hazardous to your family’s health. You may feel like you’re in a sauna just sitting in your living room.

Controlling home humidity is a full-time, year-round job for your home comfort system. A quality contractor will design a total comfort system for you with this in mind. Milani designs humidifiers to meet your home comfort needs. Like a furnace, the indoor unit must be sized properly as well. We offer many variable speed furnace blower options to run softly and slowly constantly filtering and controlling water in the air so you’ll remain comfortable and so your furniture will hold up.

We offer several types of humidifiers, steam as well as standard flow-through humidifiers.

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