Maintaining outside drainage systems is critical in maintaining the structural integrity of a home or commercial building’s foundation. While water is the key to life, we all know it’s also one of nature’s most damaging elements, especially when there are any issues with a building’s outside drainage system. Water can be very destructive when it sits or when a building’s foundation has been penetrated and left damp, leading to costly repairs. Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating, the leading provider of the best residential and commercial plumbing in the area, can handle all outside and inside drainage maintenance and repairs.

Ensuring your drainage system is properly installed is crucial to the health and long term survival of the buildings foundation. In addition to proper drainage installation, regular cleaning and maintenance goes a long way in making sure drains continue to operate properly, and protect your home or commercial building.

Outside drain lines, inside sump pumps, and foundation drain tile systems are all important parts of properly functioning drainage systems. Almost any plumbing issues affecting these drainage system components can be eliminated or minimized with proper maintenance. Don’t neglect your inside or outside drain conditions, be it home or business, and let Milani show you how preventative maintenance can save you thousands in expensive drainage repairs.

Milani’s experienced technicians have been repairing and maintaining residential and commercial plumbing in Vancouver and across Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for years. Their time on the job has taught them to quickly recognize the telltale signs of a problem.

Where the average homeowner can only tell by the puddle in the basement or the lake on the front lawn, Milani’s plumbing experts know full well that the following are symptoms of gutter and drainage problems that must be addressed ASAP:

  • White or gray crust on basement walls
  • Mildew in the attic
  • Water stains in the basement
  • Widening cracks in the foundation
  • Vertical streaks and splatters of dirt on siding (sign of overflowing gutters)
  • Displaced mulch and wood chips in the front or back yard
  • Silt on walkways and driveways

Before you see any of these signs of drainage problems in your home, schedule a visit by calling Milani Plumbing Drainage & Heating today!

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